As low as $2,268/month*

On Hologate Blitz & Hologate Arena

Amaze your guests and crush in-home entertainment options with Hologate VR.

Specializing in financing of virtual reality games and rides for family entertainment centers, route operators, bowling centers, and more, Firestone Financial has partnered with Creative Works to bring you this special financing offer on their Hologate Arena and Blitz.

Financing for Hologate Blitz and Arena:

Interest Rate: 8.00%
Term: 36 months
1st Payment: Due 210 days after contract funded
Minimum Purchase: 1 unit
Down Payment: 10%
Offer valid through 6/30/2020

In partnership with:

Quickly grow your business while attracting new customers who are interested in sharing an exciting and cooperative social experience with their friends and family.

Hologate Arena

The award-winning Hologate Arena is the next level of immersive entertainment with advanced graphic technology and a small footprint that will fit just about anywhere.
  • Turnkey solutions: everything included!
  • Spectator engaging: live gameplay broadcast and mesmerizing audiovisuals
  • Future-proof: Modular upgrades with optional extras
  • Easy to use: touchscreen interface and only single attendant

Hologate Arena is an award-winning attraction that has been recognized as the:

  • IAAPA 2018 Brass Ring Award - Best New Product
  • 2019 Parkworld Excellence  Award - FEC Feature of the Year
  • Lumiere Award 2019 - Best Location-based Entertainment
  • 2018 VR Fest Awards - Best Location-based VR Arcade

Blitz VR Racing and Flying

This motion simulator platform is fully optimized to be the gateway to a new VR experience.
  • Anchor attraction: unmatched by other motion simulators
  • Premium range of motion: adjusts almost a full meter in height and tilts ±30° in every direction
  • 100% comfort rated: no motion sickness due to next-level network and code design
  • Flying and racing: futuristic steering wheel allows the widest range of games

* Subject to normal credit approval process. Some restrictions may apply. Monthly payment based on a selling price of $65,000. It is not the intention of Firestone Financial, LLC to determine the retail-selling price of the above-referenced equipment.