No payments for two months*

On Koliseum Soccer VR from Barron Games

The sky is the limit with Koliseum Soccer VR. Customize your game, players, stadium, layout, and animations.

Specializing in financing of virtual reality games and rides for family entertainment centers, route operators, bowling centers, and more, Firestone Financial has partnered with Barron Games to bring you this special financing offer on their Koliseum Soccer VR.

Financing for Barron Games' Soliseum Soccer VR:

Interest Rate: 8.99%
Term: 36 months
1st Payment: Due 90 days after contract funded
Minimum Purchase: 1 unit
Down Payment: 10%
Offer valid through 6/30/2020

In partnership with:

Koliseum Soccer VR is an award-winning game that combines the physical aspect of foosball with the new and exciting world of virtual reality.

Koliseum Soccer VR features:

  • Dedicated electronics & motion tracking system combined with powerful PC and Oculus headsets.
  • Transforms traditional foosball into an exhilarating experience, adding surprising actions, emotions, tensions, and twists.


  • Power: 220/110 V, 10 A
  • A wifi connection is required to use the dashboard, a wired connection (RJ45) is required for updating the system and/or the game


  • Table length: 69 in
  • Table height: 38 in
  • Table width: 50 in
  • Floor area: 6 ft

Subject to normal credit approval process.