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Financing as personalized as your franchise

While the franchise industry is growing by leaps and bounds, individual franchisees continue to walk the tightrope between great opportunity and high risk.

A key decision you face is choosing the right franchise financing partner. That means a lender who will not only advance capital to expedite your growth, but work toward becoming your trusted advisor on a wide range of financial issues:

  • Landlord waivers
  • Vendor relations and payments
  • Managing location openings
  • Cash flow management
Firestone Financial has earned the trust of many franchise owners, including Planet Fitness and Urban Air franchisees, by putting in the time and energy required to build strong, collaborative relationships.

Of course, we also have substantial capital to lend, an array of franchise loan options, and everything else you need. But we’re most interested in learning about you, your business goals and challenges, and the opportunity to help drive your business success.

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