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Vendors Exchange Financing Special

0.00% APR Financing for 12 months on all Vendors Exchange products! 

Product: All Vendors Exchange products
Interest Rate: Option 1: 0.00%

Option 2: 5.90%

Option 3: 7.25%
Term: Option 1: 12 Months

Option 2: 24 Months

Option 3: 36 Months
First Payment: All Options: Due 30 days after the contract has been funded. (i.e.: A contract that is purchased on February 15, 2020 will have a first payment due of March 15, 2020).
Minimum Purchase: $5,000
Down Payment: Zero*

* No down payment is subject to credit review, we may ask some customers to make a down payment into the equipment. The $300 loan processing fee will be rolled into the contract. Any applicable sales tax and freight will be paid up front by the customer.
Duration: November 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020.
All contracts must be funded 30 days after expiration of the program. 

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