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Sureway Gaming Financing Special


4.90% APR for 24 months on Crazy Claw the Emojis Game!

Product:  Sureway Gaming Crazy Claw the Emojis game ONLY
Interest Rate: 4.90% APR
Term: 24 Months
First Payment: Due 30 days after the contract has been funded. (i.e.: A contact that is funded on May 15, 2019 will have a first payment due of June 15, 2019).
Minimum Purchase: 1 Unit
Down Payment: Zero*

* No down payment is subject to credit review, we may ask some customers to make a down payment into the equipment. The $300 loan processing fee will be rolled into the contract. Any applicable sales tax and freight will be paid up front by the customer.
Example: The numbers used in this illustration are a financed amount of $11,295.00, the term is 24 months, and the interest rate is 4.90% APR. This example is for illustration purposes only.

Selling Price: $ 10,995.00
Down Payment: $ 0.00
Loan Processing Fee: $ 300.00
Amount Financed: $ 11,295.00
Interest: $ 585.46
Total Contract Amount: $ 11,880.46
Payments: 24 monthly @ $495.02

* Please bear in mind that it is not the intention of Firestone Financial to determine the retail-selling price of the above-referenced equipment. This example is or illustration purposes only.

Duration: May 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.
All contracts must be funded 30 days after expiration of the program.

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