Business & Route Acquisition

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Acquisitions made simpler

Acquiring a route or business can be a smart way to expand your business, in industries such as amusement, vending, franchises, laundry, or any other industry we lend in.

However, business or route acquisitions are complex. Both the borrower’s business and finances, and the acquisition target need to be analyzed, introducing a host of variables that can slow down your business acquisition financing.

Firestone’s understanding of the industries we serve can smooth out the bumps in your road to a business acquisition loan. You can take advantage of our:

  • Familiarity with sellers and buyers in your industry
  • Flexibility in valuing collateral
  • Ability to structure loans to meet your cash-flow and budget needs
We’re ready to help you make that acquisition you’ve been thinking about a reality, sooner rather than later. To learn more, please contact us today.

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