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Firestone Financial
117 Kendrick Street, Suite 200, Needham, MA 02494
Toll Free - 800-851-1001 
Fax - 413-553-3955

 SALES & MARKETING     Phone     
 Tom VarrialeSenior Vice President – Sales & Marketing617-641-9292

 Leah SiporinAssistant Vice President – Marketing 617-807-8194

 Matt Kasuba
Marketing & Communications Associate


 Sal CifalaAssistant Vice President – Amusement/Vending/Video Lottery617-641-9230

 Spencer NortonSales Executive - Amusement/Vending/Other617-641-9248

 Rich GockelmanSales Executive – Carnival & Parks617-641-9214

 Carol FrancisVice President – Business Development 617-641-9276

 Christian CampbellSales Executive – Fitness & Specialty Finance617-641-9270

 Adam BronkellaAssistant Vice President - Sales Support617-641-9218

 David LyonsInside Sales Representative617-641-9200

 Alyssa PhippsInside Sales Representative617-641-9219

 Alex BaggettaInside Sales Representative617-641-9235

 Pete Aldrich Inside Sales Representative617-641-9237

 Brett HillFirst Vice President - Credit & Operations617-641-9221

 Cathy TaskayaVice President - Credit & Administration617-641-9223

 Chuck Lambert617-641-9241

 Ray Brousseau617-641-9282

 Teresa McIntosh617-641-9260

 Max Georges617-641-9284

 Jim Bernazzani413-443-5601

 Sean Derr617-641-9236

 Tessa Isman617-641-9291

 Toeun Pot617-641-9261

 Cynthia Owens NixVice President - Loan Operations617-641-9208

 Henok LakewAssistant Vice President - Loan Closing617-641-9220

 Felix Trinidad617-641-9272

 Linda Jolibois617-641-9256

 Kunbi Ajayi617-965-0366             
 Kate Stoner413-443-5601

 Susan Giampapa617-641-9244

 Shaun FinneganAssistant Vice President - Credit Risk Monitoring617-641-9216

 Greg Gugurmuck617-641-9285

 Mike SmithSenior Vice President - Portfolio Risk Officer/ Counsel617-641-9268

 Steve PrincipiVice President - Portfolio Management617-641-9231

 Bill MacNeill617-641-9226

 Donna Joyce617-641-9266

 Jonathan Akeredolu617-641-9240

 Tanya Palo617-641-9275

 Marie McGahVice President, Organizational Development, Talent and Recruiting617-641-9227

 Tina MoreauAdministrative Manager617-641-9205

 Maryellen Lamarre617-641-9211

 John GraudinsSenior Vice President - Finance and Reporting 617-641-9271

 Gina RotenbergVice President - Strategic Initiatives617-641-9249

 Beth Hansen

 Holly He617-641-9206

 Cathy Ridley617-641-9245

 Andrew Snodgrass617-641-9206

 Gail Riley617-641-9217

 Jess Kirkby617-658-9595

 Maria Kizito617-641-9287

 David S. CohenPresident & CEO617-641-9202

 Scott A. CooperExecutive Vice President & COO617-641-9204

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