Firestone X-Press

Since its launch in June of 2017, Firestone X-Press has expedited the application process for transactions up to $100,000 in the amusement and vending industries. With a dedicated team able to turn around credit approval and documentation within just a few hours, getting your financing approved is now faster than ever. 

The X-Press team is also able to quickly establish guidance lines of credit for future requests. Establishment of the line does not carry any cost or obligation; standard loan terms and conditions will apply only when the line is used.

To get started, simply call a member of the Firestone X-Press team with a copy of the invoice. Customers can also apply at their convenience anytime by completing a credit application and sending it in via email or fax.

To learn more, please contact us at 1-800-851-1001 ext. 41 or by email.

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